Storage units for private individuals

Gain space in your house, freeing it from all the things you don’t want to throw away but that you don’t use every day. You will be surprised with the improvement in your home and at how little storage unit space you need.

Keep seasonal things (winter clothes, summer clothes, coats, eiderdowns, heaters, fans), sports equipment (skiing, mountain, golf, bicycles, camping things), musical instruments, decorations, furniture…. We have storage units from 1 m2 so that you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Are you going away for a time or permanently? Maybe for work or holidays? You will probably come back and there are things you don’t want to take with you. You can keep all your belongings in a storage unit and we will look after them for you. Stop paying rent on your flat or room and cut costs with a storage unit. If you are holding on to your flat and somebody else is going live there, store personal belongings you don’t want used.

Are you going to do a renovation? Keep your belongings away from dust and possible damage. Leave your worries and everything you don’t need in the storage unit until the renovation is finished. Workers will work freer and will take less time to do the job.

Family changes? In life there are many situations in which we may need a storage unit. Moves, separations from partners, birth of a child, death of a family member, going back to parents’ house, grandfather moving in, are some situations in which we restructure our life and our space. Let a storage unit do some of the work for you in these situations to make the changes easier and enable you to adapt more easily to your new situation.