Storage units for companies

Is your office getting small? Are the files falling on top of you?

Renting storage units with Mister Traster will give you the extra space you need. If you occasionally require space to keep seasonal stock, advertising material or special event material, Mister Traster is the ideal solution to your lack of space.

With a storage unit you will have the necessary stock available at the moment you need it. We take care of both the receipt and the shipment of your goods at no extra cost. We can even put them in your storage unit if you wish. Convert your storage unit into the ideal place for preparing orders and forwarding them to their final destination.

Reconsider the space you really need in the office and assess whether you could change to a small one or restructure it using a storage unit to store everything you don’t need to have at hand every day. Keeping all your documents, furniture or stock in a storage unit is your best option for a guaranteed reduction of your annual costs.

We are specialists in definitive document files and can also take charge of the destruction of certified documents.

You can rent a storage unit for the time you need and not a day longer. You pay only for what you use. Your storage unit is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has the advantage that you can deduct the VAT on the storage unit bills as a company expense.