Storage units for the self-employed

Because when you are self-employed, you need all the help you can get

Make the most of your time and avoid unnecessary travel time in administrating your goods, work tools, spares or samples. Our storage unit centres can be the warehouse you need to save you the time you lack.

Our storage units in Barcelona are the perfect alternative to renting premises or keeping your van or vehicle full of materials or tools liable to be stolen. You save space and cut costs, and, with our code-entry access system, you can even share it with a work colleague.

With no access problems for large vehicles, Mister Traster is a partner to the self-employed, where you decide on sizes and times. Contact us and we will advise you on what size is ideal for you.

You can’t go wrong: unlimited access, insurance for your storage unit, private car park, 24-hour security and the fact that you can deduct the VAT on your storage unit bills as a business expense.

There are 3 different storage unit rental centres in Barcelona: Mister Traster Sagrada Familia (C/ Mallorca), Mister Traster La Maquinista and Mister Traster L’Hospitalet. And also, if you need space to work, we have a co-working space.